Sunday, 7 February 2010

White Space...

Well, OD&DITIES Thirteen, bar a few tweaks and another quick run-through, is laid out. Still need to to another pass over a couple of the articles I wrote this week, but it's nearly there. One thing has emerged, however - the curse of the 'white space'. I had planned on twenty-four pages including front and back cover; the back cover has been deleted and replaced by an article - which I think is an improvement.

It has thrown my spacing a bit, however, and I now have four spaces, each less than a third of a page, that nevertheless make the pages look a little barren. Three possibilities here - leave the spaces white, which I don't want to do, add some filler art, which I again don't want to do (while I want the magazine to be illustrated, I don't want the magazine to be loaded with artwork just for the sake of it.)

Option three, then - new content! Right now I'm leaning towards four random tables, that I think will be D12 based; I've got a few ideas for what can go there, but if anyone else has any suggestions for tables, or for anything they'd like to see instead, I'd be eager to hear them...

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  1. If you want you can use a table from my tables website ( ) - but note that Fight On! uses them as well.