Saturday, 20 February 2010

Starting a Campaign: The First Decisions

I'm rather hoping that I can talk my group into making my next campaign another of our famed xD&D games, in this case a Labyrinth Lord campaign. Although I only just finished playing in a 2nd Edition game, it's actually been more than a year since I ran such a game. I'm looking at a few months down the line, which means it is time to start preparation. Connected to this is a little project I'm working on, unrelated to OD&DITIES but connected to Labyrinth Lord, about which more in a couple of weeks.

The first decision is naturally the rules set. I definately fancy a change from 1st or 2nd Ed, as we've only just come out of a 2nd Ed campaign, so definately a B/X type; I was rather impressed by Original Edition Characters, so I think a '74 style campaign is definately in order. Without the Thief. It's not in the actual OEC, wasn't in the 'original three booklets', and in the last campaign, all but one of the players ran a Thief of some sort. Time for a change.

Another early call is the style of campaign. I'm currently running an episodic-based campaign (Star Trek, using the CODA rules), so I think it's time to break out the sandbox. I generally think that sandbox-style play is the best idea for D&D anyway, especially the earlier editions. Besides, I've been reading some descriptions of 'hexcrawl' campaigns lately, and I'm rather eager to give it a try.

Final call - the name. Not as easy as it looks. I used to use the 'Fading Realms', an old KODT reference, but I think I want something a bit better for this one; I'm hoping it will last a while. I'm thinking of a setting drawn from the old pulp fantasy novels, from the Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, or Lin Carter. So a name from ancient mythology such as they used, or perhaps from cosmology.

Time to hit Wikipedia for a list of mythological places. I don't want to use anything that has been done to death before, but a few interesting options suggest themselves. I like Leibethra; not only a mythological name but evoking the creator of the Grey Mouser himself. I've always been partial to Thule, the land at the end of the world, and that also ties in with a Viking feel as well. Lemuria and Atlantis are rather old hat by now, but stepping back many millions of years, perhaps Gondwana, Pangaea, or Laurasia?

This one has me stumped for the moment. Any thoughts?


  1. AEbron? It not only evokes eons of time (which I would guess are long enough for people's campagin), but in particular I always liked the AE letter--I bought my first edition of AEon Trinity (the old White Wolf psychic-cyberpunk rpg) because of that. ;-) Good luck finding a name!

    And for maps, look up hexographer if you haven't already. It's the free one that I like to use, and some of the people I've recommended it to have told me they like it as well.

  2. I'd be tempted to let the name reveal itself after several sessions.

  3. I change my answer and vote with Paladin.