Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Progress Report...and Issue 14...

Well, having come to my senses regarding the 'Papyrus' font, I spent a happy couple of hours going through a selection of other fonts to find something better; I think I finally managed it, and have now reformatted the issue. The White Space problem is pretty much solved, as well - I've finished work on a couple of tables, and there will be a couple more short articles, half-pagers - including one on integrating new character classes into ongoing games.

Next week I start work on Issue 14, the Thief-related issue. A preliminary (very preliminary, as so far I have not written a single word) list of articles looks like this:

'The Many-Tentacled Beast': Thieves Guild as Adversary
'A Touch of Class': The Psionicist (Looking forward to writing this one...)
'Anyone can join the Guild': Unusual Monster-Based Thieves Guilds...
'Avoiding the DM's Wrath': To Play the Thief
Magical Miscellany: Magical Thieves Tools

Still a few more to nail down yet, but those are the big ones.

I got my copy of the Advanced Edition Companion for Labyrinth Lord; about half-way through it now, and so far I must say I'm impressed - expect a review in the near future. I'm still working on themes for the next few issues - I'm torn between 'Fighters' and 'The Lost World' for Issue 15...

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  1. Advanced Edition Companion is a damn good piece of work. I do believe the next game a run will be LL and the AEC.

    Looking forward to your take on it. The only thing I've considered tweaking is the HD for the classes, and even that is just a thought.